The biggest problem is how to surviving from the writing class. I would like to say do everything early instead of wait until last 1min. Also you should always talk with your professor. At the beginning I have problem to write a two page paper. But now I could write 5 pages essay with not problem. As an international student, I would like to say go to the writing center ask for help. The people in there is really helpful. I have learned a lost from there. I satisfies with my participation in the class. I always answer th question from the professor. I also talk about my own opinion with other students I really like that. Sad part is I didn’t get chance to bring Mongolian milk tea to class. 

FYS – Tea last garden visting.

This is my last garden visiting. I worked in a windy weather by myself. Most of the things on the ground were gone.   I did the same job as last two time. I cleaned a big part of the ground. The winter is coming, everything should go away.  I asked people in the house, he said I could take anything away. So I take lots of onions with me. I use these onions cooked lots of food. These noodles are one of them.  The noodles in the picture called Menmian(焖面.) I’m  not really like work in garden during the winter, because cold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FYS-Tea event response 3

Event response 3


Today I went to Zaddie Smith’s lecture. The theater was full. This lecture is more like a conversation. Zaddie talk about her writing experience. She shared she use the information she read from other book, and use them for poem as “plagiarism.” She also talk about when she was in NYC, how she review the book. She also talk about her opinion about education. She think that children should be equal. Make them unequal is unkind. She is not American, she already stay here ten years. She have lunch with Obama. She think that lunch are interesting, because funny things happened. She also share a part of her writing about Justin Bieber. This lecture is very different. That’s my first time hear conversation lecture. I meet Caya again. At the end I can not stay waiting for the line because I need to go back do my homework, so I asked Caya to help me get a signature of Zaddie Smith. She helped me get it, I’m so happy. 


Event response #2

I WENT to Tea Obreht’s lecture today. She shared some chapter in her book with. Basically she read these chapter for us. From my understanding at the beginning the chapter is about a people who like tiger. She says she took seven years to write her book. Book about a history story happened Texas . Also she.she some fun facts when she writing this story. And the reason why she wrote this book. She also shared a book will be published next year. That book called “ England”. She read some important part in the book but she didn’t told us what the book about. Also I saw Caya and Emily. 

FYS – tea second garden visting

This is my second-hour personal work in the garden. I really enjoy it. I met lots friend, we work together. The job I did still is weeding. The weather is kind of nice, I found a weed looks so beautiful, but I don’t know what that is. I took some onions with me, and I have some okra. Fresh okra just be cut off from the plants. When I left there still lots of weeds left. Looks like next time I have more job to do. 

FYS-Tea how tea conquer Britain in 18th and 19th centry

    According to my understanding, I think during that time people in Britain think that China tries to do monopoly and they think whoever has the tea means that who have power.  They understand the long history of tea in China. They begin to understand Chinese culture. But there is one part I have confused which is at page 180 writer talks about tea during Tang Dynasty, but he put a picture about making tea in Qing Dynasty. I don’t know why. At the beginning tea in  Europe was very expensive., only rich people are able to buy them, so tea means power and money.  I can feel from the poem, people in Europe really love tea.  

FYS-Tea Conflict between China and Britain

China did a monopoly in order to take control of the tea. British also want earn the money in this tea trade. So the opium happened. British send opium to China. Lots of people were addicted, people begin to against it. Such as I part I read, Chinese people use stone as a weapon throw it to the British finally police stopped them. Opium War ended by Lin Zexu’s Destruction of opium at Humen. This is a war begin by tea trade and two sides of people want to get money and power from trade. 


to Yu Fei:

Thank you for sharing tea with us.  I learned a new way to make tea. Also, that is my first time see it.  I learned other than white tea, black tea, red tea, green tea, there is yellow tea. I really like them. XiHu Longjing is my favorite kind of tea.  DianHong is the new tea I had.  I really enjoy this tea tasting.